Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"That Sounds Terrible! I Have to See it Now!"

*Sniff* Aw, man, was that you?
New York Magazine has a funny piece about the new Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds: "How Bad Is Seven Pounds' Ending, Anyway?" Turns out it's pretty bad.

Don't read the article if you're planning on seeing the movie and/or just don't want to know the ending.

The comments section is also worth perusing. My brother and I agreed a few weeks ago that, as my brother put it, comments sections get us "to cynical, misanthropic rage or depression in mere minutes." But this one is pretty funny. Here are some highlights:
Holy crap! That sounds terrible! I have to see it now!

He *could* have given his eyes to Tom Cruise instead but alas, the eye patch persists.

The jellyfish part sounds like something I'd write. Yikes.

Haha. This is so wrong, yet so right.

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